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Cross Connection Ministries

About our ministry

Cross Connection Ministries is our global outreach ministry that enables us to serve others in areas extending beyond the walls of the church. The vision of our ministry is to convert, restore, and release all those whom are impacted by our ministry into their God given destiny. In order to do that we have to meet people where they are.

The Connect Church is a non-denominational Word based ministry that connects people from all walks of life to the power of God through Christ.

Our vision at The Connect Church is to teach believers the Word of God so they will know how to apply God’s Word by faith to their everyday lives so they can fully experience the supernatural power of God.

The Connect Church was founded and currently led by Dion Cross (Pastor D). Pastor D has made a lifelong commitment to serving God through various ministries, volunteerism, and his faith-filled messages that are designed to keep people connected to the Word of God so they can continue to experience God’s life-giving, life changing supernatural power.